I’ve had these interviews lying around for about a year. My original plan was to release a fully produced podcast August 2019, but for a number of reasons I never got round to it. Well, I did frequently attempt to get round to it, and then chickened out, I think. I didn’t feel like I was chickening out at the time, but in retrospect I think I was. Anyway, they’ve been hanging around, and I’m absolutely sick of seeing them on my hard drive. They are a painful reminder of a big plan gone awry. Now I feel like I need to just DO something with them in order to move forwards with my life, so I’m going to share them here.

All of the above ridiculousness on my part has nothing to do with the people I interviewed. I interviewed them because I really respect them, and I thought what they had to say was very important – especially if you’re at all interested in working in music – but hopefully they would be interesting to the casual listener too. Over the past year I’ve really struggled to present them in the right way. Are they educational? Not really, but equally you could learn a lot from them. Are they funny? It’s not high comedy, but there are moments of dry and not-so-dry humour. Are they ‘profile’ interviews? No. I had no questions prepared. It was a conversation. About them and what they do. Are they….are they….what are they?

I don’t know what to tell you. They are conversations between me and people I respect who live and work in music. The kind of conversation you might eavesdrop on if you sneaked into the back of a studio, or wangled your way in to some bouji private club in Soho, or happened to be sitting behind on a long train journey. There is a Grammy-winning, multi-multi-platinum selling record producer. There is a Russian musician in exile. There is the lead singer of a successful band. There is (in my opinion) the best mastering engineer in the UK today. There is a drummer and percussionist who has played with Madonna, Richard Ashcroft, Tina Turner, Primal Scream, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue and played in The Style Council at Live Aid (the first one). There is an artist manager who took a band from the back of a tour van to playing the biggest venues in the world, selling millions of records and cracking the USA.

I think you can already tell, they’re people really worth listening to. I could just never find a way of ‘presenting’ it. The proper way. The professional way. That probably says more about me than I care to acknowledge, but really, maybe the truth is that the best way to present them is just to share them as is. With you. With no bells or whistles.

So here they are.

I’d be really interested to know what you think of them, so please tell me by emailing to: conkillerpod [at] gmail.com

Ian x

A very special thank you to Alex Copp for editing and mixing these episodes.